Nursing Major Application
Priority Admission Deadlines: Fall Enrollment - February 1st / Spring Enrollment - October 1st for spring 2025 cohort, September 1st for spring 2026 cohort

Upon sending in this application for consideration a student must:
  • Be accepted for admission to Rockford University or be a current Rockford University Student.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
  • Achieve a minimum natural science grade point average of 2.5. Natural sciences include Anatomy and Physiology, General Chemistry, and Microbiology. All three require a lab component. The department strongly encourages taking courses with in-person labs. 
  • Complete the required prerequisite courses: See Prerequisite Courses
  • Submit scores for the nursing entrance exam (TEAS Test) with a score of Proficient on the overall score and subcategory scores.
  • Have all transcripts on file with the Rockford University Registrar. 
  • Have 60 credits completed or be in the process of completing 60 credits prior to anticipated program start. 
Decisions will be based on terms stated for admission to nursing courses in the Nursing Handbook.

Attention new students: You must apply to Rockford University prior to applying to the Nursing Program. If you have not yet applied to Rockford University, please apply at