Nursing Major Application
Deadlines: Fall Enrollment - March 1st / Spring Enrollment - October 1st
Upon sending in this application for consideration a student must:
  • Be accepted for admission to Rockford University or be a current Rockford University Student.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
  • Achieve a minimum natural science grade point average of 2.5. Natural sciences include Anatomy and Physiology, General Chemistry, and Microbiology. All three require a lab component and must be completed within 5 years prior to admission to the nursing major.
  • Submit scores for the nursing entrance exam (TEAS Test) with a score of Proficient.
  • Have all transcripts on file with the Rockford University Registrar. 
  • Have 60 transferable credits. 
Decisions will be based on terms stated for admission to nursing courses in the Nursing Handbook.

Attention new students: You must apply to Rockford University prior to applying to the Nursing Program. If you have not yet applied to Rockford University, please apply at